Friday, April 8, 2011

26 key words to describe the last chapter of "The Giver"

Okay, here are some explantations why I used the words and why some words are bigger than the others. 
The word "Elsewhere" is very important for the last chapter. Especially, because the reader didn't get to know whether Jonas and Gabriel found Elsewhere or died outside.
I mentioned "Jonas" and "Gabriel", because they are the main charachters in these chapters.
I used the words "cold", "snow" and "freezing", because they explain the atmosphere very good.
I mentioned the other persons (Fiona, Asher, parents), because Jonas thought about them. I think it shows that Jonas has a connection with them, too, although he escaped from the community. But the words aren't so important for the chapter, so they are little. 
The "hill", the "sled" and the "music" are some symbols. The first and second build a connection to the rest of the story and the third is another connection to "The Giver".
I wanted to include some contradictions, because Jonas felt very differnet feelings in this chapter. "survival" & "death". "warmth" & "cold". 
The last chapter is about Jonas' last "destination". 
To come to an end, I wanted to name some things which are important for the whole story. "love", "memory", "snowflakes", "choice" & "joy".
I hope it gets clear enough why I chose these words.


  1. It's a nice idea to create such a wordle as a summary. I think you nevertheless need to write some words as an explanation why they big words are so important for a summary of chapter 23.

  2. Thank you for your explanations, I think with these the summary of a chapter with the help of a wordle gives the viewer a bit more context and help how to understand the chosen words. Well done!

  3. This was a great book, but I wish the ending was different..