Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chapter 19 - Sectionalized reading.

Jonas asked the Giver in the chapter before whether he ever thought about release. The Giver told him the whole and true story about the failed selection of the female. (Her name is Rosemary - his daughter.)
 ll. 1-8: - Jonas is sorry that he wasted much time with his questions
            - He asked because of the morning's release which his father
               had to perform with twins
I think that it's crazy to imagine that a newchild will be released only because he's one of two identical twins. Another point is that they chose because of weight. I would say that this is very unfair and terrible.

ll. 9-26: - Jonas wants to watch the Ceremony and the Giver tells him
               that he's able to
Jonas thinks about the Ceremony in a nice way. His father would clean and comfy the newchild in a gentle way. I think he isn't right with this imagination.

ll. 27-9: - The Giver tells Jonas that he should watch the video
               with the Release and order it.
I think that it's weird that the community make a video of a release, isn't it?

ll. 10-29: - The two watch the video and Jonas comments it,
                 but the Giver wants him to be quiet.
Why wants the Giver that Jonas is still while watching the Ceremony? Jonas comments it in a good way. He explains what will happen and what his father will do because he knows it from conversations with his father. I think that the Ceremony won't be in that affectionate way.

ll. 30-12: - One of the two twins is only five pounds ten
                 ounces, so he will be released
When Jonas comments the video again the Giver gets a little bit angry. Jonas is curious about the Ceremony. Because of the Giver's comments suspense is created. By this way: My first impression when I read about "Release" was that it would be something like death. Will they kill the newchild?

ll. 13-32: - Jonas father directs a needle into the top of
                 the newchild's forehead and injects
                 the liquid into the vein
I can understand Jonas' reaction. I don't want to see those things.

ll. 1-8: - The newchild goes limp and still.
Shock. He's dead. Jonas remembers the gestures, posture and expression. I think he remembers the boy who was at the field, dead by warfare. The worst memory he has.

ll. 9-27: - Explication what Jonas' father makes with the
               dead newchild.
My impressions are confirmed. There was a "Ceremony", but what will happen with the dead body? Is there something like a funeral?

ll. 28-5: - The Giver explains that he watched the video with
               Rosemary's release.
I think it's very hard to watch how the own daughter decided to die. She wanted to inject the liquid by herself. I feel sorry for the Giver. He loves her.

ll. 6-9(end): - "Well, there you are, Jonas.
                      You were wondering about release."
I think I would have pangs of conscience. I would be the one who made the Giver feel this sadness and pain again. But it's hard for Jonas, too. He saw his father killing a n innocent child.

(My book is published by "Klett" and this is the reason for the strange descriptions of lines.)

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  1. Laura,

    I totally agree with you: release is - especially with the innocent twins only for the reason of being identical - not understandable and not moral to us.

    With the help of your sectionalized reading we are able to follow Jonas' feelings and thoughts, which help us to better understand the whole plot of the story... and Jonas' decisions and actions. Well done!

    Only a few things on language:
    - Jonas' father directS a needle...
    - IS there something like a funeral?