Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview with Fiona.

Welcome to our TV show "Interesting people, interesting stories".
Today I will meet a sixteen years old girl, named Fiona. She was a community member for almost thirteen years and she wants to tell us her story. At a time her best friend, called Jonas, disappeared and everything changed for her and her community. To cut a long story short, here is Fiona. (applause)
presenter: Hello Fiona. How are you?
Fiona: Great, thank you.
presenter: Dear audience, now we will hear Fiona's whole story.
Fiona: Well, I grew up in a community together with my family, if I can say to them 'family'. Two parents and each family two children. That's me and my little brother Bruno.
presenter: Can you tell us more about your community? I don't know how I can imagine it.
Fiona: Yes, my old community was different. I think. There existed many rules. No one was allowed to lie to anybody. But that's only one of them. Everyone had to use precise language, at the morning meal we had to share our dreams with our family and at the evening meal our feelings, we had to take pills for sexual imaginations, we had to make volunteer hours as child until we would be assigned for a job. We had to be respectful especially to the Elders. They are something like the governors. Everyone was the same. To tell somebody that he's different or something which could include that he's an individual was rude. If some one broke the rules he was punished. The worst form was the release. For nearly each age there existed different status objects. Today I know that this was really unusual and for you definitely curious. But there in the community it was totally normal. There was nothing what you would expect.
presenter: Wow, I think it's inapprehensible. What else could come now?
Fiona: We had no colors. We had no real feelings. We were like robots. When we got our Assignment we would do this for the rest of our life's. When my brother and me would become an adult and maybe get children by ourselves, our parents would go to the other childless people and we wouldn't see them anymore. Never. That's a reason why I don't know whether it's my family. My real mother was assigned as Birthmother. So my mother in the community is just a foster mother or something. We didn't know grandparents. We had no war. We had no fight. We had no crime. And we had no pain. I mean it sounds great but it's a high price to pay that we had no real life and family. Everything was controled. The weather for example. We had only one form of climate. The best for our fields so that we didn't had to hunger. I could go on now with so many points, but I think I gave you a little review over my life in the past.
presenter: You could have lived in that way for the rest of your life, but what happened? Why did it change?
Fiona: At the Ceremony of Twelve, where the group of the twelve years old children got their assignments my best friend Jonas was special. He got a rare and the most honored assignment. He got the "New Receiver of Memory". We, the community, didn't understand this job, but he started his training with the current Receiver. He had a special quality. It was named the "Capacity to See Beyond". I don't understood it, but now I think I am able to imagine what this could be. I think he was able to see some things in a different way. Maybe he was able to see colors and to feel some real feelings.
presenter: Okay, so in your old community existed one person who was able to see and to discover all the things which weren't in the community? Like pain?
Fiona: Yes, I think the current Receiver gave him all the memories which were separated from the community. I don't know what happened. But almost one year after he was assigned he got lost.
presenter: How was that possible with all the control?
Fiona: I'm not sure. The current Receiver said us that we would get some memories. He said that it would be hard for us, because they would be totally new for us. I remember this time. I was so confused. I got all the things I didn't know before. Suddenly, I saw people dying. I was at a warfare. I felt pain. I saw worse things. Sometimes I just wanted to kill me. I wanted to commit suicide. It was horrible. But there were also nice memories. I felt love and happiness. For me it was the first time. But it was a curious feeling and situation for me and the whole community.
presenter: Have you ever seen Jonas again?
Fiona: No. I never saw him again. He's lost. I don't know where he is now, whether he's alive or dead. When all the protected memories were over, our Elders loosed the power. All the people who lived into the community went away to different places. To places which weren't controled. I live today in London. I think our community was in a no name area. I think it doesn't exist into maps. But I'm sure that there don't live people anymore. It's a desert area and I don't want to go back. I live good in London and I discovered many feelings later on and I have my own memories now. I feel free. That's good. Often I think about Jonas. He was the one who permits me my life which I handle now. He was our deliverer.
presenter: Yes I think your story is very special. I never heard something like that. Very interesting. Fiona, I wish you the best. Our time is almost over. You were a really interesting guest and I'm proud that you were here and told us some things about your past and feelings and perhaps your destiny. Thank you very much.
Fiona: Thanks. Goodbye.


  1. Hey Laura,
    you did a really good job and I think you put a lot of effort in it.
    I like your idea how Fiona thinks about the situation when Jonas left the community and what she thinks about the community.
    Nice work. :)

  2. As you write that the audience doesn't know about the community that it's a "after-the-community" era soooo what happend with the community did they just disappear in a hurry or did they disappeare ordered and slow? How old is Fiona at the point of this interview?

  3. Jantien, thank you for your comment, but I think that your questions are answered in the text. To your second question I wrote: "Today I will meet a SIXTEEN years old girl..." To answer your first question, have a look into Fiona's next to last section. But in my words, if it doesn't get clear with the text: The audience doesn't know about the community, because it never existed into maps. They could go beside the community and they wouldn't see it. So the community exited yet, but there live no people anymore. They went away to other places from time to time. Today it's a desert area.

  4. Laura,

    you put a lot of effort into this TV show. Fiona telling her story many years after the community had to face its end to people who have never lived in such a controlled society is quite a task - but you managed to solve this "bridging the gap"-task outstandingly!
    As a post-reading task, you give readers of your post the chance to review the book from a different perspective than only yours. Well done!

    PS: In English, they rather say "TV presenter / host". Sometimes, you need to be a bit more precise with the usage of tenses.