Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter 9 - full of feelings

This chapter takes place briefly after Jonas' selection to be the new "Receiver of Memory". He gets his folder with introductions and rules and goes out of the Auditorium. He feels separate and different. He remembers what the Chief Elder said about his training. (His training would be alone and apart.) And Jonas already feels the apartness, now. I would say that Jonas feels bad when he notices that the other citizens speak about him in a whisper. Worse they look at him. Jonas searches Asher, because he was ever a friendly and familiar part of his life. Jonas wants to ride back with him but he feels that there is a moment of hesitation in Asher's reaction. That makes him unconfident. Lily in contrast is solemn. At home, the evening meal is much quieter than before. His parents are proud of him because he's greatly honored and has a position of importance. Then they talk a little bit about the failed selection of a female before Jonas was selected. That makes Jonas very nervous and he doesn't really understand what could or must have happened there. Later he's alone in his room. He read the rules and feels stunned. There are many questions in his head. I would say that his feelings are very strong but mixed. He's frightened and surely sad. He's afraid but already looks forward to his training and work. There are many unexplained things and I think he hasn't really realized what happened to him at this day.
(Maybe I will post a few pictures, if I find some which fit into this situation.)


  1. I think you have discribe the feelings of Jonas very well. He doesn´t know what happend and he doesn´t know what will happen. I think he is a little bit disapointed because the other people and special his friends look at him with suspicion, don´t you? But all in all it is very good!!

  2. Yes, I think you are right that he feels disappointed in that situation. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Laura, thank you for your careful attention on feeling in chapter 9. That's really a chapter full OF feelings.

    By the way: Try to work out the different usage of "solemn" and "solemny".
    AND Questions do not "appear" in the hear, they're just there...

  4. I corrected the mistakes. Thanks.