Monday, March 28, 2011

Just to give an idea how "The Giver" could live.

(I can't give all the sources (from all over google), but I do not own any of those pictures.)

I tried to create the living area which is partial descripted in the book.
Here in more detail:
- comfortably furnished living area
- a bed for sleeping
- a table for eating
- a desk for studying
- spacious room
- fabrics on the upholstered chairs and sofa are slightly thicker and more luxurious
- table legs are slender and curved with a small carved decoration at the foot
- bed in an alcove at the far end of the room, draped with a splendid cloth embroidered
  over its entire surface with intricate designs
- room's walls are completely covered by bookcases
(page 62; ll.:10-30)

Throughout the community is the furniture standard. That means: practical, sturdy, the function of each piece clearly defined.
But the reader finds out that there is a difference between the family unit's dwellings and the house of the Giver. I would say that this underlines the honored Assignment as "Receiver of Memory" and is another point which shows that the Receiver is a special and important person in the community.

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  1. Laura,

    I like your design of the Giver's house. It outlines very well that the Giver does have some things that "normal" family units don't have in their dwellings. It's nice that you did not only post the picture, but also an explanation why you chose those furnitures and why they are so special in comparison to the community's normal furnitures.