Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summary of chapter 15

Jonas walks to the Annex room to pass his training. He finds the Giver in pain today, normally he would send Joans away, but he begs him to take some of the pain.
Jonas finds himself on a kind of field. There is much smoke and the air smells foul. Everywhere lay groaning men around him. The color of the blood is grotesquely bright. One man in a gray uniform begs Jonas for water. Jonas is hurt by himself but accomplishes to give this men water from his container. Then the men is silent,  his face and his eyes are blank. He’s dead. Jonas hears cannons and the cries of wounded men.
He opens his eyes and is again in the Annex room. The Giver is rally sorry . He can’t look at his face, because he can not bear to see what he does to him.
At this time Jonas learns what warfare mean.


  1. I think you caught the most important issues of this chapter. You also sticked to the present tense as required when summarizing.

    PS: Look AT sb's face. Another phrasal verb, sorry.

  2. Thank's. I corrected it and I will have a look at these phrasal verbs.