Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something on chapter 13

I want to quote some sections from chapter 13 and explain or comment on them. I think that particulary the beginning is very important for the whole story.

page 79/80:
"Days went by, and weeks. Jonas learned, through the memories, the names of colors; and now he began to see them all, in his ordinary life (though he knew it was ordinary no longer, and would never be again)."
--> This is an information which you can interpret in two ways. On the one hand it explains the changing in Jonas' life. He begins to see colors and gets to know that his life will never be the same again. On the other hand it is maybe a kind of sadness in this phrase. He starts to receive memories and there is no way back.

"The Giver told him that it would be a very long time before he had the colors to keep. "But I want them!"  Jonas said angrily. "It isn't fair that nothing has color!""
--> This phrase shows the first protest of Jonas. He has the power, now, to see colors. I think he really likes to see the world or the community in a brighter way. He enjoys the colorful things. But as well he thinks that it's unfair for all the other community members. Everything is black and grey for them and they will never discover the beauty or the reality.

""Not fair?" The Giver looked at Jonas curiously. "Explain what you mean." "Well ..." Jonas had to stop and think it through. "If everything's the same, then there aren't any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things! A blue tunic, or a red one?" ... "But it's all the same, always.""
--> This shows that Jonas gets stronger and more self-confident. He questions things and isn't conservative to say his own opinion any more. He says what he feels and calls the decisions of "their people" into question.

""I know it's not important, what you wear. It doesn't matter. But-" "It's the choosing that's important, isn't it?" The Giver asked him. Jonas nodded. "My little brother-" he began, and then corrected himself. "No, that's inaccurate. He's not my brother, not really. But this newchild that my family takes care of - his name's Gabriel?" "Yes, I know about Gabriel.""
--> This phrase shows how connected Jonas and the Giver are. Jonas has no secrets towards him. Normally a newchild doesn't have a name befor it's sharing a family unit. Jonas father could get a punishment for that but Jonas didn't hesitate to tell this. Jonas feels responsible for Gabriel and wants that he could choose. Instead of the Sameness.

""He might make wrong choices." "Oh." Jonas was silent for a minute. "Oh, I see what you mean. It wouldn't matter for a newchild's toy. But later it does matter, doesn't it? We don't dare to let people make choices of their own." "Not safe?" The Giver suggested. "Definitely not safe," Jonas said with certanty. "What if they were allowed to choose their own mate? And chose wrong? Or what if," he went on, almost laughing at the absurdity, "they chose their own  jobs?""
--> At this point Jonas suddenly noticed the danger in the choices. There is a change in his behaviour. (Maybe not the best changing. Now he's again for the Sameness.) But this phrase shows too, how accustomed he is to the rules of the community. It's "absurd" to think that people could make their own chices. Jonas isn't able to imagine a life with decisions. The community made a good work...


  1. Hey Laura, i like your work andI think you put a lot of time in it. Good work :)

  2. I like your comments to the quotations. They are really good and discribe the feelings of Jonas very good too. But I think a interesting quot is too that Jonas gets an other painful memory and he talks to his sister about elephants and hurts she. Don´t you thing it is important to this chapter too?

  3. First thank you two for your comments.
    To Katharina: Yes, of course. I think that chapter 13 includes many important points for the story but I want to place the emphasis on Jonas first protest against the community and how fast everything's again under controle. ;)

  4. Well done! That's a very close reading showing that Jonas' feelings change in chapter 13. It's cool that you were able to show it in direct reference to the text!!

    PS: Comment ON something. Phrasal verbs are a pain in the neck, I know....