Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diary entry for chapter six

Dear Diary,
today the Ceremonies for this year started. It was hectically at home this morning. I think Lily was very irritable and nervous and so we talked about the different ages. She said that I should get the Assignment as Pilot so that I could fly with her. I really liked it, because I felt like a role model for her. A person to whom she can look above. But Mum didn't find it so funny. Unfortunately.

We went with our bicycles to the Auditorium, Lily at her seat on the back of Mum's.
The newchildren were named and given to their new family units. Fiona got a little brother named Bruno. She said that he was cute but that she didn't like his name. I like Fiona. She's a good student, quiet and polite. And I have a lot fun with her when we are together like in the House of the Old. But at the Naming Ceremony was one exception. Gabriel was missing. He didn't develop in the adequate way but isn't released. He isn't Elsewhere but in the Nurturing Center again. He will have another year to develop and will join my family unit for a time as a little temporary guest. You can't believe how happy Lily was about this introduction. She's dote on him. (in German: vernarrt in jemanden sein)
Later Lily-billy became an Eight. She was really proud when she got her identifying jacket. But I have seen her looking at the row of new bicycles. I think she would be ready now but has to wait one year.
I don't know. Maybe I will show her how to ride a bike and get a little chastisement.

Tomorrow will be my Ceremony of Twelve. I have no idea what my Assignment will be, but I'm sure that the Committee of Elders will find the right one for everyone. I'm a little bit excited and I hope that Asher will be my friend as well as after our Ceremony. And I want to see Fiona, too.
But that's it for now.
I will write soon.


  1. Hey,
    I think you did a really good job.
    You can see how Jonas feels during the Ceremonies.
    Well done :)

  2. The desciption of the loving brother-sister relationship is heartbreaking! I think it's nice that Jonas in his diary entry questions things, like Lilly only getting her bike in a year's time.