Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre-Reading Activity

Question: What could be expected from the book cover?
First I want to give you a little description of the cover. You can see two persons who hold their hands and arms straightforward. One of them is a little boy and the other one is older. I would say that he has the age of a grandfather. The used colours are a little bit dark (like brown/beige). The whole cover isn't very colourful and I would expect that the story isn't so happy. Maybe there are some very sad periods.
The persons neither have identifiable eyes and mouths nor a nose. For me they look like marionettes with no own thoughts/ideas or feelings. It seems like that they have no control about themselves and that there is someone or something who is able to give them some/all instructions. There are no feelings shown and it looks a little bit dead. It appears as if they live in a controlled world but haven't the impact in the incidents. 

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